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Title Abercorn Park
Address Abercorn Terrace
Postcode EH15 2EF
Telephone 0131 529 3111
Email northeast.locality@edinburgh.gov.uk
Facilities Flower displays, seating
Background This unpretentious little park has been one of Portobello's pleasures for many years. Lined by elm, whitebeam, holly and hawthorn, it is a quiet place for a stroll, or a chat.
History and heritage Abercorn Park was acquired from the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1897 and it was here, in the old days, as part of Portobello Links, that son of the manse Thomas Ord performed his celebrated equestrian acts in Circus Virtuosa. During the last war, local residents took cover in the park because this was where the air raid shelters were located. The park contains a fountain in memory of local doctor Hugh Dewar, who cared for the sick in the area from 1866 to 1914.
Visitor information On Lothian Bus number 26.
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Location map 55.950977964903295,-3.1062984466552734
Monuments Dewar Fountain
Image Flower bed