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Title Spylaw Park
Address Bridge Road
Postcode EH13 0JX
Telephone 0131 527 3800
Email southwest.locality@edinburgh.gov.uk
Facilities Play areaWater of LeithRiver walksWoodlandsFloral displaysSeating
Background Spylaw Park is an attractive park on the banks of the Water of Leith. Trees are its most attractive feature, they are many and varied, forming sharp contrasts of colour, shape, form and height: tall specimen conifers, varieties of holly, towering beeches, yew, as hornbeam and even a monkey puzzle create a sense of enclosed peace.
History and heritage Spylaw Park was acquired by the Midlothian County Council in 1911 for use as a public park. Spylaw House dates back to the middle of the 17th century. It once had a snuff mill below and behind it, both owned by James Gillespie.
Living Landscape features Floral meadow (annuals)
Visitor information On Lothian bus route 10, 16, 45 & 400
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Location map 55.90683670597479,-3.2610511779785156