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Title St Katharine's Park
Address Liberton Gardens
Postcode EH16 6ND
Telephone 0131 529 5151
Facilities Football goals, Outdoor gym equipment, Picnic tables, Seating, Spring bulb display, Wildflower area
Background Prior to 2006, the park only consisted of the burn, some trees and the grass area. Following community consultation, work began to improve the park in August 2006. A new asphalt footpath replaced the old whin-dust path and new street lighting was installed. Since then over 250,000 natural bulbs have been planted along with new rose and shrub beds created and the planting of over 30 new trees. To aid the amenity of the park new benches, picnic tables and bins have been installed.In 2010 a wildflower area was created as well as the welcome addition of both a flower tub and new stone signage at the Liberton Gardens entrance. At the entrance off Captain’s Drive a new metal name signage was added to the existing metal gate.The area next to the river is a Local Biodiversity Site and the trees form part of the Urban Forest.
History and heritage The park is named after the nearby Balm Well of St. Catherine. Also known as the Oily Well, as the water contains a small amount of oil, due to the oil shale rock through which the spring water passes. This oil became famous as being a cure for various skin conditions. The well is supposedly named after St. Catherine of Alexandria; as tradition suggests that the well originated by the spilling of a vial of healing oil, which had been brought to Queen Margaret from St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai, where the oil was said to emanate from the saint’s corpse.The historic spring can be found in the grounds of the Toby Carvery.
Wildlife Dippers, Grey Wagtail, Mallards
Living Landscape features Floral meadow (perennials)
Geology Deposits of oil shale underlie St Katherine's Park.
Visitor information Lothian Buses: 7,37, 47 & 67, Disabled access
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Green flag Yes
Location map 55.90664425929769,-3.1633758544921875
Outdoor gyms Recumbent bike, chest press and ski machine.