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Title Brighton Park
Address Brighton Place
Postcode EH15 1LP
Telephone 0131 529 3111
Facilities Gardens, Seating, Monument
Background Brighton Park is a place for a quiet stroll to to take the air, a seat in the sun to read the papers and somewhere to chat to friends. Surrounded by a privet hedge, it has a fine shrubbery of varieties of holly, cotoneaster, hawthorn, flowering current and other shrubs. There is also peripheral displays of roses and a spring bulb show.
History and heritage The Brighton development dates from 1823 and the park, though small and essentially a sitting-out area, still reflects some of the elegance of the buildings around it. The 18th century stone sundial, which sits in a corner beside Brighton Place, adds to the impression of past age.
Visitor information Serviced by Lothian Bus route 26.
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Location map 55.95131436087284,-3.1159114837646484
Monuments Brighton Park sundial
Image View across the park