Cammo Local Nature Reserve

Title Cammo Local Nature Reserve
Address Cammo Road
Postcode EH4 8AW
Telephone 0131 529 2401
Opening hours Visitor centre and toilet: Thursday 1 to 3:30pm, Sunday 2 to 4pm
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Background Cammo is a large estate in the north west outskirts of Edinburgh. It's a large site with attractive woodlands, glades and grassland.
History and heritage The house, policies and surrounding farmlands at Cammo were bequeathed to the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) in 1975 following the death of Percival Maitland-Tennent, the last occupier of Cammo House. In 1977 the house was partly destroyed by a two separate fires which left only the chimney stacks and outside walls standing.The NTS feud the estate to the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) in 1979. At this time the house was considered to be in dangerous condition and was therefore partially demolished and by 1980 the only remaining walls are those can that still be seen today. The policies of the Estate were originally part of a larger estate which was a designed landscape initially by Sir John Clerk of Penicuik.
Wildlife Wildlife interest in the site is in both its habitat and its fauna. The veteran trees and associated parkland habitat, the rich and diverse fauna, particularly badgers andbirds, the number of plant species of restricted distribution and the ecological history all contribute to the significant ecological value that has led to the designation as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation and recommendation for designation as a Local Nature Reserve. The Estate has considerable value as a local recreational and educational urban fringefacility. The park is regarded as somewhat of a refuge by local users who value the ‘informal’ and ‘natural’ character of the site where they can spot wildlife and experience the changes in season.
Orienteering There is a permanent orienteering course here, which is accessible at all times. Map packs can be bought for £2.50 from the Hermitage Visitor Centre in the Hermitage of Braid, from the Visitor Centre at Cammo Lodge or through the website of Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (
Visitor information Access is via the car park located on Cammo Walk on the southern edge, on the north east side by north gate and by the main gate on the east side. Cammo Road, Cammo Walk, Turnhouse Golf Course and farmers’ fields surround this site to provide its boundary.
Public toilets Visitor centre toilets. Opening times are Sunday 2 to 4pm and Thursday 1 to 4pm.
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