Clermiston Park

Title Clermiston Park
Address Clermiston Gardens
Postcode EH4 7LF
Telephone 0131 529 5050
Facilities Multi-use games area with wheelchair transfer module, Seating
Background Clermiston Park is one of the highest parks in the City and provides views of the Forth estuary and Fife coast, as well as the Pentlands to the south and even the peak of Ben Lomond 50 miles to the west. It is a community park, providing an open space for games and a place to stroll and relax. The park has surrounds of mixed cherry trees, whitebeam, sycamores and rowan.
History and heritage The land was acquired for the city in 1956.
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Getting involved Friends of Parks
Location map 55.956600199425225,-3.2875728607177734
Image View over Clermistpn Park