Atholl Crescent

Title Atholl Crescent
Address Atholl Crescent
Postcode EH3 8HA
Telephone 0131 529 5151
Facilities Flower displays, monuments and seating
Background This Georgian crescent, with its twin, Coates Crescent, were part of Edinburgh's New Town western development and substantially completed by 1825. Both crescents face each other across the main approach road into west Princes Street and their fronting gardens provide a welcome splash of green in what is one of the busiest parts of town.
History and heritage Atholl Crescent Gardens passed into the care of the City of Edinburgh Council in 1948, but the minute of agreement between the Council, the Atholl Crescent proprietors and the George Heriot Trust were never executed and therefore they were reaffirmed in 1957.
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Location map 55.948106,-3.211252
Image Atholl crescent