Dalmeny Street Park

Title Dalmeny Street Park
Address Dalmeny Street
Postcode EH6 8PG
Telephone 0131 529 3111
Email northeast.locality@edinburgh.gov.uk
Facilities Play area including basket swing, Ball court, Playing field, Wheelchair access, Seating
Background Dalmeny Street Park provides a play park for children, as well as a ball court and playing field. It is a well used and safe park, making it a valuable asset in a busy and built-up part of town. The park is surrounded with a mixture of elm, hawthorn, poplar and cherry trees.
History and heritage This little park was formerly known as Iona Street and was first set out as a recreation area in 1902. It was maintained by the governors of Trinity Hospital who passed it into the city's safekeeping in 1922.
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Location map 55.96411926232121,-3.172903060913086
Image Play area in Dalmeny Street  Park