Davidson's Mains Park

Title Davidson's Mains Park
Address East Barnton Avenue
Postcode EH4 6AQ
Telephone 0131 529 5050
Email northwest.locality@edinburgh.gov.uk
Facilities Woodland walks, Play area, Millennium woodland, Wildlife, Seating
Background Davidson's Mains Park comprises sweeping grasslands in a mixed woodland setting. A natural bowl in the centre makes an ideal place for ball or team games. Trees are one of the park's most attractive features. The mixed woodland with natural regneration that includes chestnut, elm, oak, maple, Wheatley elm, ash, yew, sweet chestnut and whitebeams.
History and heritage The ground was acquired for the city from Dame Mary Ramsay-Steel-Maitland in 1922.
Wildlife Grey squirrels have colonised the woodlands and magpies, tits and garden birds are common.
Living Landscape features Floral meadow (annuals)
Visitor information Serviced by Lothian bus number 41.
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Getting involved Friends of Davidson's Mains park
Location map 55.96380699804833,-3.276844024658203
Image Play area in Davidsons Mains Park