Gyle Park - Explore parks

Title Gyle Park
Address Glasgow Road
Postcode EH12 8LJ
Telephone 0131 529 5050
Facilities Play area, Outdoor gym. Recently updated skateboard park. BMX park, Roller hockey/ball park area. Football, Cricket, Rugby, Seating
Background The Gyle Park, under city ownership since 1953, has become a considerable city asset with its popularity as a sporting venue and for its magnificent views of Arthur's Seat, the Braids, Blackford Hill and Corstorphine Hill. The Gyle is one of the city's largest parks. Parts of its boundaries are marked by sycamore, rowan, sorbus and ash trees.
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Location map 55.93977911692385,-3.3010482788085938
Outdoor gyms Senior cross trainer, dynamic chess press/rower and accessible recumbent bike.
Image Notice board in Gyle Park