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Title Hailes Quarry Park
Address Dumbryden Drive
Postcode EH14 2TF
Telephone 0131 527 3800
Email southwest.locality@edinburgh.gov.uk
Facilities Play area, Mountain bike trail with a 340m pump bike track, Cycle paths, Playing fields, Seating, Wheelchair access
Background Hailes Quarry Park runs along the banks of the Union Canal and provides the local community with a great space to play, walk and enjoy some quiet relaxation. There are a range of facilities including a new outdoor gym, a mountain bike 'pump' track, playing fields and play area. The park holds a Green Flag in recognition of it being a quality greenspace.
History and heritage Hailes Quarry was active from 1750 to 1900 and at its peak period of production employed 150 men with 100,000 tons of stone being taken out each year. Stone from the quarry was used for stairs and landings during the building for the New Town. It was abandoned in 1902 when it became flooded with water. In the 1970s the abandoned site was used as a landfill site to dispose of Edinburgh's rubbish before it was finally grassed over. In the 1980s the local community formed the Hailes Park Action Group and raised funds for new facilities for the park, including a play area.
Living Landscape features Floral meadow (annuals)
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Other useful links Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust
Green flag Yes
Management plan Management plan
Location map 55.92227743870561,-3.2689476013183594
Outdoor gyms Accessible cross trainer, treadmill, bench and accessible recumbent bike.
Image Wild flower meados in Hailes Quarry Park