Bauks View

Title Bauks View
Address Brown Street, Briery Bauks
Postcode EH8 9RP
Telephone 0131 529 5151
Facilities Seating, Rock garden, Dry river path, Herb area, Compost bins
Background This small garden known as Bauks View was formerly an old car park which, when it became unused, was neglected and became waste ground. When work was completed on the new houses at Briery Bauks, the local community got together and discussed what could be done with this piece of land. It was agreed that the most appropriate use of the ground would be to turn it into a nature garden and a community grant was obtained in 1998 to fund the transformation of the site.Work started on the garden in late 1998 and it was completed in April 2000. The works included the planting of the mixed hedge around the perimeter which includes a mix of blackthorn, dog rose, holly and field elder. Wooden seats were also installed along with a small bridge, a rock garden and a heather border which has almost every variety available within the UK. A hardcore pathway was put in by volunteers from the 104 Field Squadron Royal Engineers from the Territorial Army. Local school children and other volunteers helped to plant and set up other items in the new garden
History and heritage The name comes from the word 'bauks', which is old Scots for an uncultivated piece of land beneath crags. 'View' was formed from the fantastic view of Salisbury Crags from the garden.
Wildlife As one of the wilder urban areas, Bauks View is a small haven for wildlife in the city centre. Birds such as blackbirds, wrens and dunnock next in the established hedgerows. If you sit quietly, you may also be lucky enough to see a stoat!
Visitor information On Lothian Bus numbers 14 and 60
Location map 55.945946694364224,-3.18029522895813
Image View to the hills