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Address Old Dalkeith Road
Postcode EH16 4TD
Telephone 0131 529 5151
Facilities Play area, River Walks, Football, Cricket, gym equipment, Multi use games area
Background Inch is the old name for an island or a piece of low-lying land near a river or burn, and the spacious Inch Park fulfils that definition with a section of the Braid Burn still running through its northern edge. It is a large park with tree lined paths, green parkland, copses and woodland borders. Inch House is in the grounds, which is now used as a community centre. The park is home to Lismore Rugby Club and Edinburgh South Cricket Club.
History and heritage The lands of the Inch, once known as the King's Inch, were granted to the monks of Holyrood in the 16th century and Inch House dates back to 1617. The initials of its first owner, James Winram, are carved on one of the window pediments, dated 1634. The house was extended by the owners in 1891, who also added 19th century details such as the turrets and oriels. In 1946 the house was sold and for a time became a school. Now Inch House is popular adult education and community centre.
Wildlife The lower park has beech, chestnut, sycamore, elm, copper beech, hawthorn and sorbus. The Braid Burn is clean enough to support small fish and other water life. Flocks of Swallows (Hirundo rustica) and House Martins (Delichon urbica) are frequently seen alongside the rugby/cricket pitches and by the Braid burn (March/April to September). The house martin is brown with a small white patch on the back and the swallow has longer tail feathers and is more of a dark blue colour.
Living Landscape features Floral meadow (annuals)
Visitor information Serviced by Lothian bus numbers 3 and 8. Can be accessed from Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, Old Dalkeith Road and Glenallan Drive.
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Location map 55.92516287487901,-3.160886764526367
Outdoor gyms Accessible cross trainer, dynamic chest press/rower and accessible recumbent bike.