Moredun Park (Gilmerton Park) - Explore parks

Address Moredun Park View
Postcode EH17 7NE
Telephone 0131 529 5151
Facilities SeatingOutdoor play equipment
Background This park was originally known as Gilmerton Park, but following community consultation in 2010, it was agreed that Moredun Park was more appropriate and this is now how the park is known.
History and heritage The land on which Moredun Park currently lies was once farmed as part of the Ferniehill Estate. There was previously a dovecot on edge near Moredun Park View side, although this was demolished around 1939/40s.On the land to the south of the park (bordering on Ferniehill Park), there were numerous limestone quarries and limekilns during the 1800’s. It is plausible that the reason for the uneven nature of the park is due to the area’s mining heritage; quarrying or spoilage heaps.It was acquired by Edinburgh in 1964.
Living Landscape features Floral meadow (annuals)
Visitor information Lothian Buses: 7,37, 47, 67
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Location map 55.910239,-3.136034
Outdoor gyms Seated rower, chest press, recumbent bike and accessible cross trainer.