Monuments in Inverleith Park

Alison Hay Dunlop Memorial East Gate piers

The East Gate piers to Inverleith Park were erected in 1890 in memory of Alison Hay Dunlop, an Edinburgh antiquarian.

Image of Alison Hay memorial, east gate, Inverleith park




Dunlop Drinking Fountain

At the intersection of the paths, a fountain set in a rough granite obelisk was erected in memory of John Charles Dunlop, councillor for St Bernard's Ward. He had been one of the key enthusiasts for the park. He and his sister, Alison, together wrote 'The Book of Old Edinburgh', along with other books about the City. The fountain is dated 1899.

image of the Dunlop fountain in Inverleith Park





Kinloch Anderson Sundial

The Kinloch Anderson sundial was unveiled in 1890 and was presented by Councillor Kinloch Anderson. On the south face of the dial, it is inscribed, "So passes life, Alas! How swift."

Image of the kinloch anderson sundial in Inverleith park


North Archway

The North Gate is an arch opened in 1881, topped by a unicorn with lion shield. Below the archway is the inscription, 'The gift of Mitchell Thomson Esq., Councillor for the Ward of St Bernard's, 1891'

image of the North archway in Inverleith park


West Gate piers


Image of the West gate in inverleith park