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Title Inverleith Park
Address Arboretum Road
Postcode EH3 5NZ
Telephone 0131 529 5050
Facilities Play area, Sundial garden, Tennis court, Allotments, Sports pitches, Perimeter trim trail, Low impact outdoor gym equipment, Seating, Wheelchair Access
Background Inverleith Park is a large park of neatly maintained grass parkland with a tree lined perimeter and paths. There are grand gated entrances and iron railings around the perimeter. The park is well-loved and well-used with an extensive range of facilities including sports pitches and club pavilions, bowling greens, allotments, a play area, a pond (used by model boat club), the Sundial Garden and even a petanque square. The park has been awarded a Green Flag since 2010, in recognition of it being a quality greenspace.
History and heritage Inverleith Park came into the hands of the Old Corporation in 1889 when it was purchased from Mr Charles Rocheid for £33,500 and a farm came with it. The Corporation developed it vigorously. Paths, roadways and drainage were quickly underway, greenhouses, the construction of a pavilion, two bowling greens, four tennis courts, two golf courses and a ride for horses were constructed.
Wildlife The wet garden around the pond inlet was installed a few years ago and includes a range of plant species that will help reduce blue-green algae in the water. The wooden boardwalk provides access to the area to view the flora and fauna that now inhabit the pond. There is an interpretation board to inform the public about the wetland area.
Living Landscape features Floral meadow (perennials)
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Green flag Yes
Management plan Management plan
Location map 55.96380699804833,-3.215475082397461
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Outdoor gyms Tai chi, spinner, air skier and hip twister.