Wildlife by month


If you're out and about near water at dawn or dusk why not bring a set of binoculars and try to spot an otter? There have been recent sightings at the

  • Water of Leith
  • Figgate Burn and Pond
  • Duddingston Loch
  • the Almond
  • Gogar Burn
  • Union Canal
  • Niddrie Burn.
image of the Water of leith

Water of Leith

image of an otter

Otter by Tony Buckley

If you are lucky enough to see an otter please email us when and where


Remember that otters are protected by law and should not be disturbed in any way.


Geodiversity is the term for the minerals, rocks, fossils, soils and water which make up the earth. Examples in Edinburgh include

  • rocky coastlines
  • traditional building stone
  • the volcanic remains of Castle Rock and Arthur's Seat.

Winter is the perfect time of year to view geodiversity, as trees and shrubs have dropped their leaves and rockfaces are visible. 

If you are interested in geodiversity you can get involved with the Edinburgh Geological Society. It runs lectures and excursions and publishes books and leaflets.

Image of Castle Rock

Castle Rock