Wildlife by month


Letting grass grow long in August lets common wildflowers such as clovers, daisies and buttercups grow. Over time less common wildflowers such as yarrow, selfheal and harebell could appear. Long grass is great for insects, which means more food for birds, mammals and amphibians. More long grass means more wildlife!

image of a wild grass meadow


August is a great time to forage for food - look in hedgerows, parks, cycle paths and woods and see what you can spot.

Crab apples can be used with other fruit in jam-making and in puddings and cakes. 

Rosehips make a syrup that's packed with vitamin C to drink as a cordial or pour over ice cream.

Elderberries make jam, cordial syrup, and even red wine.

Brambles can be used in jams and puddings.

Rowan berries can be used to make a clear jelly to serve with lamb.

Hawthorn berries can make a savoury jelly or a ketchup-like sauce.

Sloes can be used to flavour gin or for jam.

Image of summer berries

Summer berry s by nanagyei