Wildlife by month


July is a good time of year to see butterflies, which by now are busy feeding on nectar, mating and breeding. Many common butterfly species can be seen all over Edinburgh 

  • peacock
  • orange-tip
  • large, small and green-veined white.
Image of an Orange tip butterfly

Orange tip butterfly

Some rarer ones can be seen in particular places

  • small pearl-bordered fritillary around Red Moss in the Pentland Hills Regional Park
  • Green Hairstreak also around Red Moss
  • Northern Brown Argus can be found in Holyrood Park
image of a Green hairstreak butterfly

Green hairstreak

Butterflies can travel fast and far, so they are a good indicator of environmental quality. In the last few years we have started seeing the Holly Blue around Edinburgh. It’s believed that warmer weather as a result of climate change has allowed this species to expand northwards.

Take part in butterfly surveys and learn more with Butterfly Conservation’s East Scotland Branch.