Wildlife by month


Keep a look out for queen bumblebees and bats, which both emerge from hibernation in spring.  

Queen bumblebees need to find early flowers to feed and build up energy. They search for nest sites to start their colony.  

image of a bee on a pink flower

Bumble bee by marilynjane

We are learning that towns and cities are great places for bumblebees. Many of our parks and gardens have a wide range of flowering plants which provide food for bumblebees from spring through to early winter. Learn about bee-friendly flowers for your garden with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

By late spring bats are also emerging from hibernation. This is a great time of year to watch them, busy feeding and socialising. Visit your garden or park at dusk and look up. You might be lucky enough to see them flitting around, especially if there are woodlands or water nearby. Visit Bat Conservation Trust.

image of a bat

"bat" by g_kovacs